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LiveWire Mobile Goes Commercial with Advertising Ringback Tone Service
Provider of Global Ringback Services, Music Downloads and Other Personalization Services Offers Carriers the Opportunity to Turn Subscriber Calls into Advertising Revenues
Consumers, with Complete Opt In/Opt Out Choice, to Earn Discounts or Rewards

LITTLETON, Mass., March 22, 2010 – Building on the success of its deployment with a North American carrier, LiveWire Mobile, Inc. (Pinksheets: LVWR), one of the worldwide leaders in ringback technology, mobile music and integrated mobile personalization offerings, is announcing a new premium advertising service providing wireless carriers an innovative way to generate revenue and increase customer loyalty.

Called RingSpotTM, the fully opt-in service allows mobile operators to offer consumers the newest personalization option for their mobile devices – replacing the ring that callers hear when calling them – with short and clever marketing messages delivered by national advertisers, nonprofits and local merchants. The LiveWire Mobile service enables callers to engage with an ad by pressing a button to receive more information after the call via a text message.

Available now, RingSpot leverages the underlying MyCaller® platform capabilities to bring high value features to the service including:

• DTMF Call to Action: through the DTMF tones on the mobile phone, callers are able to respond to an ad’s call to action to learn more or have benefits sent directly to their phone or email
• Ad Stations: Operators can develop rotating advertising spots and target each channel to a particular group of subscribers based on demographics or time of day, ensuring that content is fresh and relevant

“Our new RingSpot service allows carriers to increase average revenue per user (ARPU) while offering their customers incentives to subscribe to the advertising ringbacks including free minutes, discounts on monthly bills or credits towards advertisers’ products and services. Our initial deployment with a major carrier, large consumer base and national advertisers worked flawlessly,” said Matthew Stecker, CEO, LiveWire Mobile, Inc.

“RingSpot is all about personalization and viral marketing on the device that consumers feel highly connected to. Overall, the Ringback tone market, which LiveWire Mobile helped to create nearly eight years ago, is growing rapidly around the world due to its extreme popularity with consumers. Just recently, industry analyst firm IDC predicted that ringback tones may overtake the sale of mobile ringtones sometime this year.”

According to data provided by Nielsen Mobile in a recent white paper, Marketing with Ring-Back Tones, published by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) in collaboration with
LiveWire Mobile and other MMA members, globally there are three billion mobile subscribers each receiving on average four inbound calls per day. The white paper postulates that ‘if just 12 million mobile subscribers used their ringback tones to advertise a favorite product or organization, ring-back advertising would be delivering 48m paid advertisements per day, slightly higher than Google’s pay-per-click search advertising transactions per day on the web.’ The whitepaper is available for download at

Consumer and Advertiser Benefits
Subscribers to the service enjoy their expanded choice and personalization options including the option to play – or block – specific ads or ads in general from designated callers. They can align with their favorite brands or choose the message they think their callers would like to hear while receiving promotional considerations from their carrier including discounts, premiums and the chance to buy products at a lower cost.

Advertisers gain numerous benefits from the RingSpot service including focused ads that don’t have to compete for consumer attention, uniformity in delivery of ads, format simplicity and critical but anonymous tracking data.

How it Works
RingSpot is provided by the same MyCaller ringback platform LiveWire Mobile has deployed across 6 continents, 23 countries and over 30 mobile operators worldwide. MyCaller is available either as an infrastructure equipment purchase that allows operators to independently run the service, or as a managed service, in which LiveWire Mobile provides a turnkey, end-to-end solution – including storefront merchandising, marketing, asset management and content operations – in a shared revenue model. Both versions also feature a highly modular architecture, allowing for the content/subscriber management platform (CSM) to either run at the operator or to be hosted and managed by LiveWire Mobile.

For more information about the new RingSpot service, contact sale[email protected] or visit

About LiveWire Mobile, Inc.
LiveWire Mobile (Pinksheets:LVWR) is a world leader in managed personalization services. LiveWire Mobile’s integrated suite of mobile personalization services includes ringback tones, ringtones, mobile full-track music and video downloads, a fully integrated storefront, and other applications, as well as dedicated content and service marketing, integrated storefront management and marketing. LiveWire Mobile makes mobile personalization services easier to use and helps drive service usage and adoption. For more information, please visit

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