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Livewire Mobile Releases Next-Generation IP-enabled MyCaller 4.0
New Architecture Reduces Operator Costs and Opens the Door for New Ringback Services

LITTLETON, Mass., March 4, 2011 – Livewire Mobile (otcmarkets: LVWR) has released a next-generation, IP-enabled update of its MyCaller® ringback service, opening up a wide range of new features for existing customers and lowering the barrier to entry for new ringback customers.

MyCaller 4.0’s new IP-connectivity enables operators to harness the power of 4G networks. With a dramatically reduced hardware footprint, increased traffic handling and storage capacity, the platform offers a new set of advanced features at a significantly lower installation and maintenance cost.

Livewire Mobile is a pioneer in ringback and a one-stop digital content solution for operators, handset and tablet manufacturers and media companies. Since its first MyCaller ringback deployment in 2002, Livewire Mobile has deployed ringback services across six continents, 23 countries and over 30 mobile operators worldwide.

Advanced new features of MyCaller make several specialized ringback services high-volume and therefore more commercially viable for customers. These services include EveryRingTM, a network-wide, user-segmented marketing service for mobile operators and RingSpotTM advertising ringback, an opt-in service providing advertisers with a highly defined, captive audience. It also allows operators to offer corporate ringback, empowering businesses with a new marketing channel.

Combining the new high-volume architecture with its already market proven web services, MyCaller additionally allows operators to increase the value of their investment beyond the on-deck portal and drive new revenue streams through third-party digital storefronts.

“We continue to see ringback as an opportunity for growth in a mobile operator’s digital entertainment service portfolio,” said Matthew Stecker, president and CEO, Livewire Mobile. “With our latest release, we’ve lowered the barriers of entry for operators trying to bring ringback services to market and have increased the value of the investment by creating a multi-purpose service from a single platform.”

Key features include:

• Next-generation architecture – up to four times the traffic handling and five times the storage capacity with up to one-fourth the footprint of the previous release
• Increased modularity – further segmentation of the core elements allows precise, cost-effective dimensioning that scales from the smallest of mobile operators to the largest tier one operators
• New subscription models - All-You-Can-Eat capability increases value to subscribers by allowing unlimited changes to their ringback tones each month for a flat fee
• Calling-party ringbacks – instead of playing out to callers, this feature allows the subscriber to create the ringback experience they want to hear, whether it be music playlists, ads from favorite brands or the day’s top stories

MyCaller is available directly from Livewire Mobile or via its global distribution partners as an infrastructure equipment purchase or as a shared revenue, end-to-end managed service including storefront design and merchandising, content operations, label management and settlement, platform monitoring, and asset management.

For more information about Livewire Mobile, the MyCaller ringback product and other Mobile Internet solutions, email [email protected] or visit

About Livewire Mobile
Livewire Mobile (otcmarkets: LVWR) is a Mobile Internet powerhouse with one of the most comprehensive one-stop digital content solutions for carriers, handset and tablet manufacturers, and media companies entering the mobile content market. The Company’s integrated suite of personalization services includes ringback tones, ringtones, DRM-free mobile full-track music and videos, fully integrated storefronts, extensive content, and other applications, as well as dedicated content marketing, mobile advertising solutions, and integrated storefront management and merchandising. For more information, please visit

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