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Researchscape International Develops AI-Powered Research Tool to Improve Analysis of Survey Results and Generate Reports Within Hours
SurveyGizmo First to Offer Productivity-Enhancing Expert System to its Users

SARASOTA, Fla., July 15, 2019 – Researchscape International, a survey-research consultancy and SaaS firm, has developed a new artificial intelligence-powered software tool to help market researchers quickly and accurately generate detailed reports based on their research findings.


Called ResearchStoryTM, this productivity-enhancing expert system has been honed by feedback from hundreds of research end-users. Its first external implementation is for users of the enterprise survey software company, SurveyGizmo. Researchscape will provide free access to ResearchStory to customers with SurveyGizmo Professional and Full Access licenses for the remainder of 2019.


“The way that Researchscape integrated SurveyGizmo into ResearchStory really shows how flexible and easy it is to integrate SurveyGizmo with other systems,” said Toni Piwonka-Corle, head of strategic partnerships at SurveyGizmo. “ResearchStory’s automated reports will provide SurveyGizmo users with a faster way to transform their surveys into insights. As one of our long-term customers and partners, Researchscape has grown with our platform and has built a compelling solution.”


Unlike traditional analytic tools that require users to select and apply different techniques, ResearchStory uses its expert system to produce the most compelling analysis. It provides executive summaries, crosstab data mining, automated text analysis, question pattern matching and demographic weighting.


“Analyzing verbatim responses to surveys is a very time-consuming task, and most text-analysis tools are geared towards social media data or call logs. Designed specifically for open-ended questions, ResearchStory translates responses into English, uses stemming and organic phrase identification to pull out key words and phrases, curates top quotes, develops lexical examples and generates word clouds,” said Jeffrey Henning, chief research officer, Researchscape International.


ResearchStory looks for patterns in questions asked within surveys. An overall satisfaction question, followed by a satisfaction battery, produces a key driver analysis. A closed-ended question, followed by an open-ended question asking “Why…?” or “How…” lists verbatims by selected choice. A group of questions scattered throughout but using the same scale are analyzed together.


According to Tony Cheevers, vice president, business development, Researchscape International, “ResearchStory is a productivity enhancer for everyone who conducts research and lacks the bandwidth to spend as much time as they wish developing PowerPoint or summary reports. It’s been the secret sauce that has enabled us to conduct survey research projects for our clients with savings of more than 40% compared to other providers.”


The ResearchStory product roadmap includes support for additional research providers and datasets. For more information about ResearchStory, contact Tony Cheevers at [email protected] or at 888-983-1675.


About SurveyGizmo

Founded in 2006, SurveyGizmo has become a leading enterprise feedback management and survey platform, according to The G2 Crowd. With more than 15,000 customers in over 200 countries, SurveyGizmo is one of the most flexible and easy to integrate feedback platforms in the world. The company is recognized as a leader in the survey and feedback industry for its innovation, service and value.


About Researchscape International

Researchscape International is an agile survey-research consultancy and SaaS firm delivering PR surveys, omnibus surveys, automated reporting tools and other research-related services to marketers and agencies. Its surveys are frequently used to drive thought leadership, support content creation and help grow organizations’ public profiles. Custom surveys support product launches, crisis communications, customer satisfaction and more.


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