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Publicity & Media Relations

A publicity campaign is only as good as the impression it leaves with buyers, the trade and the public. Our media relations services extend far beyond pumping out press releases. Editorial outreach must be diverse - ranging from product announcements to independent customer endorsements and authored articles that examine end-user challenges and offer solutions. Client campaigns have resulted in feature-length company profiles, tier one broadcast media placements, extensive trade and business publicity, product reviews, executive spotlights and trend pieces. We maintain relationships with editors and reporters at the publications that reach our clients’ constituencies and we are always ready to pick up the phone and make things happen.

Corporate Positioning

Are you a candy or are you a mint? It’s the age-old marketing question that companies must answer to outline their corporate vision. It requires much more than just a friendly brainstorm around a board room table. We have developed a set curriculum of branding exercises and moderated discussion topics that help companies suss out their differentiating factors and position themselves against the competition. Our on-site facilitation is followed up by extensive research, analysis of the competitive landscape, discussions with editors and analysts in your industry and interviews with your senior executives to create a distinctive and impactful company brand that stands far apart from the competition.

Analyst Relations

Industry analyst firms play many roles - they make vendor recommendations, pass along RFP’s, offer guidance on company strategy, serve as third-party experts to the media, produce valuable research and speak at industry events. Adding a concerted analyst relations effort to your public relations campaign can significantly amp up the results. It’s not always necessary to spend big bucks to capitalize on these resources. Analysts like to “discover” a new technology category or be the first to break a hot new company to the marketplace. If your products are viable and your company story is compelling, we can work – with a big budget or no budget – to get attention for what makes you unique. Interaction can be sustained through telephone briefings, in-person meetings and participation in industry reports.

Product & Service Launches

New products and services are the mainstay of any company. You need to provide something to the general public in order to be successful. The way you promote these offerings can be wildly successful or it can fall on deaf ears, and much of it depends on your PR firm’s approach. We have broad experience in taking new products and services and debuting them in creative ways that rise above the background noise and crackle with urgency and news value. From a new enterprise server to consumer products and professional services, we work with our clients to understand who they need to reach and figure out the highest profile and most cost-effective methods for influencing their constituents.

Social Media Tools and Programs

In a "25/8" media environment, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the online communications curve and leverage new media tools to influence constituents and interact with peers. There are now expanded ways to reach your target audiences and you have a better chance of being heard if you exploit the channels that they prefer to use. It is easy to get lost in the clutter without a relevant, clear and interesting message; Feintuch Communications will help you look at the bigger picture and teach you how and when to implement a social media campaign to augment your traditional PR efforts. From blog posts to tweets to LinkedIn and Facebook, we can help your business ease into a program that is meaningful and manageable. We’ll work with you to formulate a social media plan that makes sense for your brand.

Press Conferences & Media Tours

Sometimes news is so significant that it calls out to be punctuated by a media tour or a press conference. Knowing that even the best laid plans for in-person news delivery can be foiled by an act of nature; we are experts at creative contingencies. We employ a series of tactics including use of raw video footage, electronic news releases, satellite uplinks and radio broadcasts to make sure your exhaustive plans for a press conference or an editorial roundtable will be borne out by impressive and extensive results regardless of what other events might compete with “your” news day.

Media & Speaker Training

One bad article can linger forever; practiced delivery of a cohesive theme and targeted talking points can mean the difference between negative and positive coverage. The closest a company can come to controlling the outcome of their articles is to stay on message and tailor their comments to each publication's readership. This becomes especially important when a company has multiple divisions, subsidiaries and/or more than one company spokesperson. We have media-trained executives from large and small companies to help spokespeople sharpen their delivery, define their messages and convey their company's "True North" to their desired audience. Sessions can help executives prepare for editorial roundtables, industry speaking engagements and telephone briefings.

Trade Show Marketing

Industry events are more than a necessary evil. A thoughtful public relations effort can mean the difference between an exhausting waste of resources and a runaway success that builds your brand and generates real sales opportunities. The process starts early with the selection of floor space and the creation of a compelling booth. Additional elements also include speaking opportunities, briefings with press & analysts, advertising in show dailies, pre- and post-show direct mail, hotel room drops, sponsorships, raffles and hospitality suites. It's important to have a track record with the management behind these shows and an understanding of the executives who attend. This will ensure that your marketing resources are laser-focused on achieving qualified leads and positive brand awareness. We have worked for many exposition companies and have managed client appearances at several of the largest shows across multiple industry sectors. Our team has logged the miles to ensure that your experience will provide a strong ROI and save you money.

Special and Private Events

Special events can be the cherry on the top of your best marketing campaign. They provide an opportunity to interact with your customers –in a festive, educational and/or interactive manner. They can be an important audience builder and a lead generation tool. But it's crucial that they reflect the overall goals of the public relations campaign. Whether you decide to go it alone or pool resources with a partner, a company can create a forum to announce recent news, showcase their products, drive lead generation and strengthen brand identity. These events should focus heavily on trends in the industry and provide an opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership. By examining the challenges of end-users and offering creative solutions, your company can brand itself as an industry leader. We have managed these activities all the way from the initial handshake with a prospective partner to a culminating event and can act as extra eyes, arms and legs to help our customers triple their prospect pipelines and reach industry influencers.

Speaking Platforms

Marketing messages come to life when they are delivered by a compelling, seasoned and energetic spokesperson. We develop and maintain aggressive speaking programs for clients across many sectors to solicit high impact communications opportunities at prestigious events. By working with show organizers where we have history, and aggressively targeting other venues with appropriate content, we are able to secure dozens of speaking opportunities for our clients each year. Our specialties include industry trade shows, economic forums, university speeches, technology associations, government shows, publication-sponsored events and Webinars.

Awards & Honors

Accolades are a key part of raising a company’s profile. There are a host of awards, commendations, emeritus positions and accolades in every category of business that generate awareness, elevate a product or recognize an executive. We research the relevant awards and honors in your industry category as well as general business opportunities and maintain a database on your behalf. We aggressively pursue opportunities as deadlines approach, package your submissions so they have the best chance of success and leverage the awards when you receive them in the form of press releases, media alerts, web site content, speaking opportunities and whatever else might be appropriate.

Association Marketing

You are only as good as the company you keep. We have a deep reservoir of connections at different foundations, associations and non-profit entities across many industries. These organizations influence your industry and what they say is picked up by media, analysts, clients and prospects. It’s important to align yourself with associations that add value to your company and help you meet your business objectives. We work with each of our clients to determine the smartest mix of affiliations for their business and then develop programs to impact the membership of these groups. The organizations you belong to and the board positions your executives maintain are a major part of your company’s brand. We work with every client to guide and protect these facets of their business.

Partnership Development

In today’s 24/7, borderless business environment, going it alone is no longer the hallmark of a market leader. Companies, non-profits, associations and all variety of organizations have learned to partner the highest quality suppliers to bring new services and effective solutions to their customers and constituents. But how do you create these alliances while struggling to get your latest offering out the door? And how do you maintain some degree of flexibility – while negotiating with third parties and in some cases, competitors? With a laser focus on your bottom line revenue and an eye to increasing the appeal of your product/service offerings, the Feintuch Communications team can provide the extra business bandwidth to identify and help you to bring on strategic partnerships.

Strategic Consulting

We don’t call ourselves a “strategic relations” firm for nothing. We offer a broad range of strategic consulting services including branding and market positioning, sales prospecting, business development, crisis communications and more. Armed with the information we gather through independent research, industry experience and an exhaustive exploration of our clients’ businesses, we can help influence and execute your entire communications and marketing strategy.


An important component of what we do is monitor industry trends and track competitors to ensure that our clients are well-informed and the content we create for them has market impact that can’t be ignored. Our consulting and research services result in a holistic look at the industry, its growth challenges, the general business climate and the competitive landscape. We have worked with clients to develop instruments to catalogue the reactions of their sales force to a new product and conducted informal polls of senior executives to make sure a new brand was tracking to their business initiatives. We believe that good media and analyst relations become great when solid research is the cornerstone.

Copywriting and Collateral Materials

If the written words behind a public relations campaign aren't succinct, evocative and technically correct, even the most enthusiastic outreach won’t yield great results. We have spent more than four decades writing website text, press releases, case studies, by-lined articles, sales sheets, analyst & media presentations, investor decks and letters to shareholders. These writing assignments can be approached collaboratively or we can manage the entire process, working directly with your senior executives, sales and marketing personnel or engineers to bring your message to market quickly and alleviate the burden on your internal resources.

Graphic and Visual Communications

We are often retained for our aesthetic eye and our ability to art direct client marketing collateral, sales materials, event displays and web sites to make sure they are visually appealing and support their corporate vision. We have a trusted network of design professionals and graphic artists who can assist with any project from producing an annual report that pops to creating a compelling consumer advertising campaign. Where appropriate, we go hands-on to craft the copy to ensure that it is consistent with your organization’s overall messaging strategy.

Capital Sourcing and Investor Relations

World class companies and start-ups alike frequently require external funding for a multitude of corporate purposes – from building a manufacturing facility to developing a product prototype to launching a joint venture or business initiative and leveraging mergers and acquisition opportunities. Our extended team has an extensive business network seasoned in capital sourcing from angel and venture financing to private equity investments, reverse mergers and liquidity events. We are partnered with some of the most experienced and reputable investor relations professionals and organizations in the world.

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