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Basex Lowers Corporate Information Overload Exposure

New Service Recaptures Millions in Lost Time and Productivity

NEW YORK, April 23 / PRNewswire -- A new service from Basex ( is helping companies pinpoint opportunities to reduce the amount of information overload and simultaneously reduce costs within their organizations.

Information overload describes an excess of information that results in the loss of ability to make decisions, process information, and prioritize tasks. The Basex Information Overload Exposure Assessment service provides companies with actual measurement of the problem and specific recommendations to lessen its impact.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes have already been significantly impacted by information overload, a problem that costs the U.S. economy $900 billion per year in lower productivity and throttled innovation according to Basex.

The new Basex service measures the overall financial impact that information overload has on an organization and examines the current office environment in terms of knowledge sharing and collaboration. The assessment then determines the financial and operational benefits that would accrue from the reduction of information overload within the organization.

"This service cracks the code of information overload to help companies of all sizes understand how much the problem impacts the bottom line and how much they could be saving," said Jonathan B. Spira, chief analyst at Basex. "In a time of less is more, the ability to recapture what would otherwise be millions of lost dollars may mean the difference between profit and loss."

Companies that have worked with Basex to reduce information overload in their organizations have seen almost immediate benefits in increased efficiencies, cost reductions, and improved information flow.

Basex helped one client, a global leader in communications, recapture approximately 12 percent of time lost due to information overload, valued at an estimated $2.8 million per annum. For another client, Basex helped reduce the company's exposure by 18 percent with a commensurate increase in employee efficiency and effectiveness, translating into an annualized savings of several million dollars.

For more information about the Basex Information Overload Exposure Assessment, including a simplified self-assessment tool, visit

About Basex
Basex is the world's foremost knowledge economy research and advisory firm. Founded in 1983 and headquartered in New York City, Basex provides senior business executives from organizations across the globe with strategic advice, business and technology guidance, best practices, and insight about knowledge worker management and productivity.

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