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Corporate Battle Against Information Overload is Subject of Keynote Address at Inaugural "Information Overload Awareness Day" Event
Former Intel information overload czar to discuss multi-billion dollar problem at large companies


NEW YORK, August 10, 2009 /NewsWire/ -- The corporate battle against Information Overload will be the subject of a keynote address at the online Information Overload Awareness Day Inaugural Event on August 12.

Keynote speaker Nathan Zeldes, president of the Information Overload Research Group and Intel's former information overload czar, will discuss the cost of the problem to large organizations and key factors in driving solutions to it. Intel's own research indicated that its knowledge workers are losing approximately eight hours per week due to Information Overload, a fact that led Mr. Zeldes to devise and apply a number of solutions starting in 1995.

Mr. Zeldes will also address the debilitating loss of productivity, reduction in innovation and impact on quality of life that Information Overload causes at large organizations. He will offer suggestions to other companies on how to win executive buy-in for this type of program and how managers can improve their chances at successfully implementing an Information Overload program.

The half-day Information Overload Awareness Day event, which takes place entirely on the Web, commemorates a new workplace observance that calls attention to the problem of information overload and how it impacts both individuals and organizations.

Featured speakers include noted authors Maggie Jackson ("Distracted"), Mike Song ("The Hamster Revolution") and Mark Hurst ("Bit Literacy"); executives from such organizations as Dow Jones and OSHA; a CIO from the U.S. Air Force; and Jonathan B. Spira, chief analyst at Basex, who has been researching the topic for almost 20 years.

The cost of the event is $50; attendees from qualified organizations (corporate e-mail address required) who promise not to multi-task (i.e. IM, e-mail or text) during the event will receive a 50% discount using code "Pledge."

Microsoft is the event's Platinum Sponsor. Gold sponsors include Bluenog, Cincom, Cubeguard, Dow Jones, IBM, Information Overload Research Group, Nordic River, SAS and Siemens. Silver sponsors include Creative Good, Feintuch Communications, HyperOffice, Permessa, Xerox and VirtualPBX.

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