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Intel's War Against Information Overload: Tech Giant Fights a $900 Billion Problem
New Report from Basex Provides In-depth Analysis of Company's Struggle Against Information Overload

NEW YORK, September 15, 2009 – Intel's knowledge workers are losing approximately eight hours per week due to Information Overload, an amount that for a company its size, would result in a cost of $1 billion per year.

Details on how information overload impacted Intel and what steps the company took to lessen its impact are found in "Intel's War on Information Overload: A Case Study," just published by Basex (, the leading provider of research on the productivity of knowledge workers and how technology impacts them.

Information Overload, which describes an excess of information that results in an inability to concentrate on tasks and stay focused, is a massive problem in the 21st century; recent Basex research shows that Information Overload costs the U.S. economy ca. $900 billion per year.

"Intel has long been a leader in the silicon revolution and in the adoption of knowledge sharing and collaboration technologies, but these technologies took a toll," said Jonathan B. Spira CEO and chief analyst at Basex and a co-author of the new report. "At Intel, information overload was found to cause a significant loss of productivity and reduction in innovation and dramatically impacted employee quality of life."

The report explores the sources of information and interruptions that the knowledge worker encounters on a daily basis, and provides an in-depth analysis of the efforts that Intel has undertaken to confront the resulting Information Overload and lost productivity.

The report reveals that:
- The typical Intel employee was receiving 50-100 e-mail messages daily
- Intel employees were on average spending 20 hours per week handling e-mail
- 30 percent of e-mails at Intel were unnecessary
- Top Intel executives reported receiving up to 300 messages per day
- Intel as a company received on average 3 million e-mails a day

Intel's War on Information Overload: A Case Study is a must-read for any organization seeking to launch programs and initiatives to combat Information Overload, and offers a rare glimpse into how Intel, an early leader in such efforts, is confronting the issue.

The complete report, with a special introductory price of $699, is available from the Basex Web site at


Basex is the world's foremost knowledge economy research and advisory firm. Founded in 1983 and headquartered in New York City, Basex provides senior business executives from organizations across the globe with strategic advice, business and technology guidance, best practices, and insight about knowledge worker management and productivity.

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