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LiveWire Mobile Announces Commitment to Worldwide Customer Base and Unveils Enhanced Product Roadmap
Company to Actively Support Operators Worldwide with Both Managed Services and Infrastructure Products

LITTLETON, Mass., March 17, 2010 -- LiveWire Mobile, Inc. (Pinksheets: LVWR) one of the worldwide leaders in ringback technology, mobile music and integrated mobile personalization offerings, is underscoring its commitment to maintain and expand its existing product lines as well as announce significant product roadmap milestones for its customer base of more than 40 mobile operators serving over 275 million customers around the world.

MyCaller Ringback Service
LiveWire Mobile’s MyCallerR, a market-leading ringback platform, has been deployed across 6 continents, 23 countries and over 30 mobile operators worldwide. The next generation of MyCaller, version 4.0 expected in Q3 2010, is scheduled to include both an IP/SIP-enabled media player as well as support for existing IN/SS7-based networks. Current MyCaller customers as well as customers purchasing the current release, MyCaller 3.5, will be offered the option to purchase an integrated upgrade to the new platform.

MyCaller is available either as an infrastructure equipment purchase that allows operators to independently run the service, or as a managed service, in which LiveWire Mobile provides a turnkey, end-to-end solution – including storefront merchandising, marketing, asset management and content operations – in a shared revenue model.

Both versions also feature a highly modular architecture, allowing for the content/subscriber management platform (CSM) to either run at the operator or to be hosted and managed by LiveWire Mobile.

Full-track Music Service
LiveWire Mobile today operates one of the industry’s leading full-track music platforms for several operators around the world including 3UK, Bell Mobility, Cricket Communications, Telecom New Zealand and Sprint. The platform features full-track downloads directly to mobile devices and personal computers, direct operator billing and the option to support both a la carte purchases and subscription models. The service offers music from all four major labels as well as major independent label aggregators, delivering one of the world’s largest mobile catalogs of over 4 million tracks.

The next version, release 4.0 scheduled for release in Q3 2010, is scheduled to include significant enhancements including:

  • DRM-free support: LiveWire Mobile has worked with operators, device manufacturers and content partners to deliver high quality unencrypted MP3/AAC downloads to mobile devices as well as the ability to integrate content purchased on a mobile device into desktop music libraries (such as iTunes). The Company believes that the ability to purchase unencumbered digital tracks on-the-go will significantly expand the market for mobile music, as these assets will be transferrable (or simultaneously downloaded) by end users into their growing personal digital catalogs.
  • Native media player support: The majority of handsets shipping today include a built-in media player. Release 4.0 seamlessly integrates these built-in players and library management with the mobile music storefront. This will allow users to play and enjoy tracks purchased on-the-go seamlessly alongside other content stored on their devices.
  • Cloud-based Rights Management: The new release will also support rights-tracking in the cloud, providing users with anytime, anywhere and instant access to their content, including the peace of mind to recover their music should they lose or replace either a mobile device or desktop. These qualities of service are keys to maximizing the value proposition of the DRM-free offering.

Infuse Integrated Mobile Content Storefront Service
LiveWire Mobile's core strengths and innovation have always been in the ringback and mobile music markets – yet operators have increasingly expressed a desire to source all mobile personalization content from a single platform. To satisfy this need, LiveWire Mobile offers an integrated mobile content storefront which combines both its ringback and full-track products with other commonly used types of mobile personalization content into a single storefront. Its storefront can manage full-track, ringbacks, ringtones, music videos, games, applications and graphics including wallpapers.

The Company’s integrated mobile content storefront, release 1.0, is already deployed in the market, including at two large operators, Bell Mobility and 3UK. The innovations discussed in the MyCaller ringback platform and the full-track music platform will also be available as part of this integrated content storefront which is sold as a fully managed, end-to-end service.

The next release, 2.0 which is expected in Q3 2010, is scheduled to offer additional features such as robust support for gifting, rental subscription support for games and applications as well as integrated search capabilities with major search engine providers such as Yahoo.

“We are recommitting the full resources of our Company to our global business partners and customers by providing them with the broadest range of products and flexible business models to help them generate revenue and increase customer loyalty,” said Matthew Stecker, chief executive officer, LiveWire Mobile. “LiveWire Mobile plans to provide and expand its support, increase its product innovation and offer a managed services alternative to fully outsource its music and full array of mobile personalization services.

“LiveWire Mobile stands as one of the few brands to have all of these assets under one roof and managed concurrently. The Company’s recent return to profitability has enabled this significant level of investment in our core products. We look forward to deploying our products within our existing operator partners as well as new global partners.”

About LiveWire Mobile, Inc.
LiveWire Mobile (Pinksheets:LVWR) is a world leader in managed personalization services. LiveWire Mobile’s integrated suite of mobile personalization services includes ringback tones, ringtones, mobile full-track music and video downloads, a fully integrated storefront, and other applications, as well as dedicated content and service marketing, integrated storefront management and marketing. LiveWire Mobile makes mobile personalization services easier to use and helps drive service usage and adoption. For more information, please visit

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