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The Linux Box Honored at Corp! Magazine Awards Reception

 ANN ARBOR, Mich., April 20, 2010 – Corp! Magazine has named The Linux Box a winner of its Science & Technology award.

The Linux Box was honored at a breakfast reception held today at the Michigan State University Management Education Center. It is one of the 50 Michigan-based companies and educational organizations recognized by the magazine for advances in science and technology through innovation, research and applied science. The company was also profiled in the March/April Corp! Magazine issue alongside the winning business and educational organizations operating in the arenas of software, life sciences, alternative energy, telecommunications, robotics and automation, medical devices and instrumentation.

“Amongst the hundreds of nominations we received, The Linux Box stood out because of its commitment to the open source community and ability to provide clients with a competitive advantage by reducing IT costs and increasing the control they have over their open source technologies,” said Jennifer Kluge, publisher of Corp! Magazine.

The Linux Box commits 20 percent of its budget to research, develop and contribute open source software to the community and directly funds select open source projects.

“Giving back to the open source community helps others to expand and create new software and ideas, which in turn supports The Linux Box in its continuous quest to improve and expand upon its technology,” said Elizabeth Ziph, CEO of The Linux Box.

The Linux Box attributes much of its success in the Michigan area to the impressive talent coming out of numerous top-notch educational institutions in the state.

“With 80 percent of our staff made up of graduates from Michigan schools, we have found there is a great symbiosis between the educational system and the business and technology companies in Michigan,” added Ms. Ziph.

About The Linux Box
Founded in 1999, The Linux Box Corporation ( is a software development organization specializing in open source technology and the Linux platform. The Linux Box offers professional services, including customization and integration to a broad range of clients in industries ranging from energy and financial services to government, life sciences and the utilities. The company also offers a software product, enkiveTM, which provides advanced email archiving solutions for organizations. The Linux Box is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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