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International PR Alliance ECP Global Elects New Leadership
-- Organization Adds Partners in Greece, Sweden & The Netherlands --

WASHINGTON, May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- ECP Global Communication, an international alliance of independent public relations firms, has elected a new board of directors and added full partners in several key countries as the group continues to grow despite the global recession.  

ECP is comprised of carefully vetted partner companies chosen for their track records of success and adherence to the highest standards of client service excellence. Collectively, the members and associates in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and elsewhere, offer superior capabilities in all aspects of public relations, public affairs and investor relations.

New board members and officers are as follows:

  • Peter V. Stanton, chief executive officer, Stanton Communications, Inc. (Washington, D.C.); Elected chairman of the Board;
  • Daniel Larouche, senior counsel, Sphere Communication Strategique (Montreal, Quebec) Elected treasurer;
  • Perran Ersu, managing director, Persona Communications (Istanbul, Turkey) Elected secretary;
  • Henry P. Feintuch, president, Feintuch Communications, Inc. (New York, New York) Elected to the board; and
  • Peter Walker, founding partner, Pielle Consulting (London, United Kingdom) Elected to the board.

New members assuming full partnership in ECP are as follows:

  • Nostus Communications & Events (Athens, Greece) - Helena Stamou, managing director;
  • Comvision AB (Stockholm, Sweden) - Lars-Olaf Nordqvist, president; and
  • Chapeau Communicatie (The Netherlands) - Johan van Ruijven, president.

"ECP Global is thriving," said Peter V. Stanton, chairman. "Despite global economic conditions, we are finding tremendous interest among well-established firms in joining an international enterprise and continuing to build ECP Global, increase our global profile and leverage the experience and wisdom of our partners to serve clients around the world."

ECP Global Communication specializes in counseling companies facing increased competition in the global marketplace and expanding and improving their cross-border communications initiatives.

"As companies are required to do more with less in this economic environment, organizations such as ECP Global are an appealing alternative to investor-owned PR conglomerates," said ECP Treasurer Daniel Larouche.  "The value of ECP Global is that we are able to engage resources anywhere in the world when they are needed and disengage them when they are not.  Our clients are able to take advantage of local knowledge, for example, in Istanbul without carrying the overhead for offices in Singapore that they may never use."

Membership in ECP Global Communication is highly selective. Unlike other PR consortia, candidates for membership must be nominated by a current ECP member and vetted over a period of time.  Candidates must have a proven track record of service excellence on behalf of a distinguished clientele, as well as be in a position to offer other member firms a range of capabilities in a location not already represented within the alliance.

About ECP Global Communication

ECP Global Communication ( is an international alliance of public relations, investor relations and public affairs consultancies. Partner firms are located in North America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere. ECP Global Communication provides a comprehensive range of services to corporations and organizations that are established leaders in their industries.

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