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Primary Contractor Named to Construct Bixby Energy Systems Devolitization Facilities in China

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC) has been chosen by Global Partners United, LLC (GPU) as the contractor to build turnkey facilities related to Bixby Energy Systems' coal-to-gas technology throughout China.

MCC will act as general contractor and work collaboratively with GPU, Bixby Energy's strategic partner and licensee in China.  MCC is one of the leading multinational engineering companies principally engaging in, among other pursuits, engineering, procurement and construction, real estate development and equipment fabrication.  The company currently employs more than 170,000 workers.  

Bixby Energy will support MCC by providing a team of engineers to assist in the correct installation of its systems. Bixby Energy is the innovator of the Bixby Process™, a  revolutionary method of  efficiently converting coal into clean-burning energy.

"Our team in China is now firmly in place and Bixby Energy is well positioned to do business there," said Robert Walker, chairman, CEO and president of Bixby Energy Systems. "The market in China is significant with millions of tons of coal in its reserves that can be converted to high-quality synthetic natural gas representing significant revenues for Bixby Energy."

According to Global Partners United, MCC was chosen because of its strong background in engineering and construction of coal and natural gas-fired power plants, chemical plants, oil refineries and nuclear power plants.  MCC has previously worked with key members of Bixby's engineering staff on other projects.  The company enjoys a global reputation of consistently delivering their projects on or ahead of schedule.

About The Bixby Process

The Bixby Process currently features a system called devolitization that superheats coal without burning it in a sealed environment which prevents carbon emissions from being emitted into the air. This separates the coal into clean synthetic natural gas and semi-activated carbon without the heavy carbon emissions normally associated with current coal burning or other gasification technologies.  The technology does not consume water (although it does use it), and creates no effluent or waste byproducts as a result of the process other than natural gas and semi-activated carbon.

For more information about the Bixby Process, visit the company's website at or send an email to

About Bixby Energy Systems

Founded in 2001, Bixby Energy Systems (, is a "new energy" company dedicated to finding, developing and commercializing technologies that provide clean, economical, practical and sustainable alternative energy solutions.  The cornerstone of the company's technology is the Bixby Process, an energy conversion system that creates natural gas by superheating coal without burning it. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, utilities that run on synthetic natural gas produce up to 65 percent fewer carbon emissions compared to those that burn coal.

The Bixby Process is a trademark of Bixby Energy Systems, Inc.  

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