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The Media Dash Launches Its Web-based, Self-serve Ad Platform in Long Island, N.Y. and Santa Rosa, Calif.

FAIRFIELD, Conn., Sept. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Long Island, N.Y. and Santa Rosa, Calif. are the fourth and fifth radio markets in the country to benefit from the launch of The Media Dash™ and its web-based, self-serve radio advertising platform.

Charter clients on Long Island Media Dash ( are JVC Media, headquartered in Ronkonkoma, N.Y. and the Aloha Station Trust, based in East Patchogue, N.Y.  The initial broadcast partner on Santa Rosa Media Dash ( is Maverick Media, based in Santa Rosa.

The Media Dash Local is an easy to use, web-based platform that allows advertisers and broadcasters to buy and sell streaming and on-air radio content. Advertisers visiting the portal follow four simple steps to buy ads: 1) Search for ad offerings; 2) Select a package that best fits their needs; 3) Upload a commercial or work with The Media Dash to create one; and 4) Check out. The broadcaster dashboard allows station managers to customize ad offerings including campaign start and end dates, length of spots, day parts and rates. Ad spots are sold on a week, two week and month-long basis.

"We are always looking for ways to engage local businesses and provide them with access to our listeners," said John Caracciolo, president and CEO of JVC Media.

"Small businesses are so busy managing and running their companies. The guided step-by-step interface from Long Island Media Dash makes it easy for our potential customers to place advertising schedules on our stations, wherever and whenever it's convenient for them," said Jim Condron, vice president and general manager, WALK-AM/FM, Aloha Station Trust LLC.

"Santa Rosa Media Dash makes it easy for us to sell advertising content by simply uploading available campaigns onto the web-based dashboard," said Gary Rozynek, CEO and president of Maverick Media. "In addition, it allows us to attract a different set of advertisers who wouldn't normally consider radio advertising."

For more information on The Media Dash and to view a video demonstration of how the platform works, visit or contact Nicole Palina-Pace, VP of marketing via email at You can follow the company on Twitter ( and Facebook (

For more information about JVC Broadcasting, visit
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About The Media Dash, Inc. ( is a media and advertising technology company dedicated to improving the buying and selling of radio advertising. The company's senior management team, with extensive experience in radio station management, advertising sales and technology development, is committed to making radio broadcast and streaming media more competitive with the online advertising industry. The company's breakthrough, web-based platform, winner of the 2011 "Best New Products and Services" Golden Bridge Award, allows advertisers and broadcasters to execute media transactions with greater ease, speed and accountability. The Media Dash is a portfolio company of BlueCrest Venture Finance Master Fund Limited.

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