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SoliDDD Names Integra Technologies as Printing Sales and Service Partner for its Glasses-free 3D Print Technologies
Integra to Sell, Service, and Certify Printers for SoliDDD Autostereographic Pictures, will OEM SoliDDD Replaceable Picture-Frame System

Brooklyn, N.Y., March 12, 2012 — SoliDDD Corp. (, the creator of truly lifelike 3D™, has named Austin, Tex.-based Integra Technologies International as its prime partner for sales, service, and certification of UV inkjet printers used to print SoliDDD prints, posters, and other out-of-home media.

Integra will be exhibiting at the ISA International Sign Expo 2012, March 22-24 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, in booth 856, showing samples of SoliDDD's 3D print technologies.

SoliDDD glasses-free 3D images have vastly more depth than all previous attempts at printed 3D, with over two feet of depth in full focus in a one-sheet poster.

"When we first saw the SoliDDD 3D prototype, we were amazed at the depth and clarity achieved," said Ron Skaggs, President of Integra Technologies. "With this commercialized version, our clients can get the best 3D prints possible, with more depth than they've ever seen. We believe our expertise in digital printing, combined with SoliDDD’s new 3D technology, will provide customers with a dramatically improved product that will startle viewers."

SoliDDD has certified the Integra-sold and supported Mimaki JFX-1631plus UV wide-format flatbed printer as the first inkjet printer qualified to print SoliDDD's multiple patents-pending glasses-free 3D technologies. Integra is a North American distributor and servicer for Mimaki’s JFX-series and UJV printers.

“The Mimaki JFX is a wonderful machine and Mimaki has worked hard to help make the JFX meet our exacting criteria,” said Neal Weinstock, CEO of SoliDDD. “They’ve earned our gratitude and our certification. But we would not have been able to achieve the consistent quality we need without Integra. They have a deep understanding of that machine, and of many other printers. They’ve written profiles that get the best out of the device. Their ability to make sure that the printer continually functions at its peak was key to our decision to certify the JFX for the printing of SoliDDD pictures.”

As part of the partnership agreement, Integra has been authorized to qualify other UV printers—upon request—to print SoliDDD 3D posters.

Additionally, Integra will manufacture the SoliDDD Replaceable Picture-Frame (RPF) system. This system makes 3D printing extremely affordable by putting the lenticular 3D lens permanently in the frame itself. Customers can replace any poster in the frame for easy and perfect 3D visual alignment every time. By using the SoliDDD RPF, prints can be made on inexpensive substrates, saving the cost of repeatedly applying lenticular lenses to each print.

"Our partnership with Integra now gives commercial print shops and their customers something new and compelling: true 3D with vast depth," said Weinstock. "The world’s first truly lifelike 3D and our highly competitive cost structure will radically increase the size of today’s 3D lenticular printing market.”

SoliDDD pictures represent a quantum leap in autostereographics. Using the fundamental equations of physics and optics, together with advanced optical design methods and proprietary printing specifications, Integra and SoliDDD can now deliver a realistic, glasses-free 3D image with far more depth and greater viewing freedom than most 3D experts thought would ever be possible.


About Integra Technologies
Integra Technologies International ( services, repairs, and sells wide format UV inkjet printers, digital imaging equipment, and precision cutters. Service is our focus, not an afterthought. We're more than just the guys that repair your printers. We care about your business, your production line, and your bottom line—and we treat you like a friend. We want our friends to succeed—whatever it takes.

About SoliDDD
SoliDDD makes truly lifelike 3D™. By applying advanced physics and optics, we’ve broken through what others thought were technology barriers—barriers that had limited so much of today’s 3D to unrealistic, stacked, clunky, and even painful images. SoliDDD provides the best 3D ever seen—and does it without the need to wear special glasses. SoliDDD is creating a wide-ranging set of 3D technologies, from capture to display, that shatter today's image of what 3D is and what 3D cannot be.

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