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SoliDDD Announces Southeastern Printing as First Licensee to Print SoliDDD Glasses-free 3D Pictures & Posters
Target Market to Include Broad Range of Advertising Applications

Orlando, Fla. (ISA International Sign Expo), March 22, 2012 — SoliDDD Corp. (, the creator of truly lifelike 3D™, today announced that Stuart, Fla.-based Southeastern Printing Company ( is the first licensee authorized to print SoliDDD's autostereographic (glasses-free) 3D pictures and posters, for both stand-alone applications and for placement within the SoliDDD Replaceable Picture-Frame (RPF) system.

SoliDDD glasses-free 3D images are designed for prints, posters, bus shelters, and other out-of-home media. They have vastly more depth than all previous attempts at printed 3D, with depth equaling or surpassing the frame width for any size image.

Southeastern will be utilizing its Mimaki JFX-1631plus UV wide-format flatbed inkjet printer to print SoliDDD's multiple patents-pending glasses-free 3D technologies. The Mimaki printer is supported by Austin, Tex.-based SoliDDD partner Integra Technologies International (

“When we first saw the quality of SoliDDD’s 3D prints, we knew we had to be the first commercial printer to offer it," said Jason Leonard, Director of Wide Format Imaging at Southeastern Printing. "It’s a perfect fit into our business model of offering exceptional products that take POP [Point of Purchase] printing to a higher level. The depth and clarity offered by SoliDDD's 3D technologies will deliver the high level of standards that our clients expect.”

SoliDDD 3D prints can be produced by Southeastern in two ways: as a stand-alone print or as a print made for the SoliDDD RPF system. While both types of 3D prints make use of SoliDDD's proprietary lenticular lens design to create the 3D effect, the lenticular lenses can either be optically bonded to the stand-alone prints—for a one-piece system—or used with the SoliDDD RPF where the lenticular 3D lenses are permanently mounted in the frame itself, making 3D printing extremely affordable. Customers can replace any poster in the RPF for easy and perfect 3D visual alignment every time. By using the SoliDDD RPF, prints can be made on inexpensive substrates, saving the cost of repeatedly applying lenticular lenses to each print.

"For more than 90 years, Southeastern has continuously adopted new printing technologies for the benefit of its clients," said Neal Weinstock, CEO of SoliDDD. "This makes them the perfect organization to be SoliDDD's first printing licensee. Southeastern is a full-service graphics arts organization that not only understands high-quality printing, but now has the in-depth knowledge of 3D printing needed to benefit its customers."

With over 150 employees and several Fortune 500 companies on its client roster, Southeastern has emerged as one of the largest and fastest-growing printing solutions firms in the southeast.


About Southeastern Printing Company
Established in 1924, Southeastern Printing is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected privately-held and financially-sound printing establishments in the southeastern United States. With multi-faceted print and production services, we continue to advance our business in pace with technology and the ever-changing needs of our clients.
We produce high-quality printed materials and offer managed print services solutions, along with roll-fed labels, wide-format, and fine art products for clients across the country. In addition, we provide integrated marketing solutions, as well as mailing, fulfillment, distribution, and database management services. Southeastern ensures absolute product consistency through our extensive quality measures and process optimization and are proud to be G7, ISO 9001:2008, and FSC certified.

We are the winners of three “Benny” awards from the Printing Industries of America within the past two years, as well as the 2011 recipient of the Governor’s Green to Gold Award and the 2012 Keep Martin Beautiful Business Award. The “Benny” is the highest achievement in graphic arts and is recognized as the Academy® Award within the industry. The South Florida Manufacturers Association chose Southeastern Printing as its Manufacturer of the Year in 2010. With facilities in Stuart and Palm City, Fla., as well as Naperville, Ill., our company is nationally recognized by our peers for consistently producing innovative, environmentally-friendly, award-winning work.

For information about Southeastern, please visit or call 800.226.8221.

About SoliDDD
SoliDDD makes truly lifelike 3D™. By applying advanced physics and optics, SoliDDD has broken through what others thought were technology barriers—barriers that had limited so much of today’s 3D to unrealistic, stacked, clunky, and even painful images. SoliDDD provides the best 3D ever seen—and does it without the need to wear special glasses. SoliDDD is creating a wide-ranging set of 3D technologies, from capture to display, that shatter today's image of what 3D is and what 3D cannot be.

For information about SoliDDD, please visit


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