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Snap Secure Reveals Mobile Security Suite Road Map with Heavy Emphasis on Personal and Family Security

PRINCETON, N.J., April 23, 2012 – The Snap SecureTM mobile security suite, now part of Snap MyLife®, Inc. (, is committing to significant software enhancements to help protect the personal and physical safety of smartphone users.

New features on the company’s publicly announced roadmap include:
-Personal Guardian for Android devices: a programmable “911 or emergency” screen icon that triggers a phone call, text message or other warning to a pre-established list of family/friends or emergency services contacts;
-Remote Screen Capture: allowing family members or law enforcement authorities, in the event of a kidnapping or missing person report, to remotely take control of a smartphone or tablet’s camera(s) to take a photo of individuals using the device or its environment;
-Parental Monitoring/Blocking: providing parents with the ability to control their children’s texting and calling;
-Parental Geo-Fencing: Enabling parents to establish a geographic boundary for their children so that going outside the designated area (shopping mall, school grounds, etc.) will automatically trigger a message to them, a babysitter or responsible adult.

“We view our customers’ personal and physical safety as paramount and a key marketplace differentiator compared to most other mobile security suites that simply provide anti-virus and anti-malware device protection,” said Jiren Parikh, president and CEO, Snap MyLife. “We will continue to invest company resources to develop the most powerful personal security protection features and implement them in a responsible and the least intrusive manner.”

The Snap Secure brand plans to launch a series of direct TV commercials, in the late first half of 2012, which will highlight some of the brand’s personal protection features.

“Snap Secure, launched in 2008 under the SmrtGuard brand, was one of the first and most comprehensive mobile security suites on the market with anti-virus, anti-malware and a wide range of personal safety features,” said Robert Kao, vice president of product management, Snap MyLife. “We originally designed our software to both protect smartphones against attack and loss of personal data as well as enhance the physical safety of their owners. Early features included a “911” button for BlackBerry devices, remote device tracking via GPS and remote device management. We’re committed to remaining on the cutting edge of these services.”

Snap Secure is a cloud service application that provides a broad range of protection for Android and BlackBerry smartphones and Android tablets, including backing up and restoring data; preventing viruses, spyware and spam; protecting and managing privacy, including notification of unauthorized SIM placement in phone; real-time tracking and location of family members; locating and remotely controlling lost or stolen phones and tablets; and wiping data remotely. More information is available online at or from the Android marketplace or BlackBerry App World.

About Snap MyLife
Snap MyLife, Inc. is a fast-growing developer of consumer cloud-service applications for mobile devices and other Internet-enabled consumer electronics. Its applications under the Snap™, Snap MyLife®, Snap Sync™, Snap Music™ and Snap Secure™ brands allow consumers to leverage cloud-services with simple, yet powerful applications for content sharing, messaging, editing, streaming, backup and synchronization, as well as device and content security across virtually all consumer electronics device categories. Snap MyLife is headquartered in Princeton, N.J., with offices globally, and is backed by Edison Ventures and Sycamore Ventures. For more information, visit

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