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New "Glasses-free" 3D Advertising Medium Launched at Advertising Week
Dolby Laboratories/Philips and Oce North America collaborate with SoliDDD to demonstrate medium's visual impact and marketing potential
Full focus, high resolution 3D images offer astounding depth for posters, POP displays, bus shelter and transit applications, billboards and more











NEW YORK, Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A new 3D advertising medium that enables marketers and agencies to produce glasses-free 3D posters, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, billboards and out-of-home media that pop from their frames and captivate consumers makes its debut this week as part of the ninth annual Advertising Week celebration in New York City.

The new patent-pending technology is developed and marketed by SoliDDD Corp. (, based in Brooklyn, N.Y. It is on public display for the first time at the Advertising Week Experience (AWE) exhibition being held at The Times Center (booth #18). SoliDDD 3D print technology provides full focus, high resolution images with more depth than all prior attempts at printed 3D – from one foot to hundreds of feet. Text is easy to read and images virtually leap from their frame.

Dolby Laboratories and Royal Philips, through their Dolby 3D joint project, have partnered with SoliDDD to provide 3D assets for multiview conversion using their software and printing. Additional assets used to produce SoliDDD glasses-free 3D prints on display during AWE were contributed by Al Caudullo Productions, worldwide experts in 3D documentary production, whose 3D high definition video footage was converted to SoliDDD glasses-free 3D posters.

The SoliDDD glasses-free 3D posters on display at AWE were printed by Oce North America, a Canon Group company, using its Oce Arizona® Series of large format UV flatbed printers to produce near-photographic images at true production print speeds. SoliDDD has certified the Oce Arizona Series printers as qualified to print SoliDDD's glasses-free 3D images.

"Printed 3D images have never been a mainstream business due to a broad array of technological hurdles," said Neal Weinstock, CEO, SoliDDD. "We have not only solved these challenges but have developed an entire business ecosystem of software, hardware and authorized printing companies which will help to unlock the potential of the medium and free marketers and designers to reinvent printed display advertising and out-of-home media."

SoliDDD 3D images can be delivered in two ways:

  • For one time applications, they can be printed and affixed to a lenticular material to create a multi-dimensional effect.
  • For permanent locations (with changing posters/images), SoliDDD has developed a Replaceable Picture Frame light box with permanently mounted lenticular 3D lenses. It allows users to easily replace any poster with perfect 3D visual alignment every time and is a more cost-effective solution allowing advertising prints to be made on less expensive substrates without the addition of individual lenticular lenses.

"We deliver nearly two feet of depth from hand-held small images, with fine resolution that allows easy reading of text," said Mr. Weinstock. And we can deliver unlimited depth from large format printing – up to hundreds of feet of depth – depending upon viewing distance.

"Our patent-pending technologies work with large format UV inkjet printers, the highest quality laser printers and with most digital offset printers. Our conversion and multiview software helps to easily convert 2D and 3D still and 2D and 3D video images to stunning glasses-free 3D posters that stop people dead in their tracks," said Mr. Weinstock.

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About SoliDDD
SoliDDD makes truly lifelike 3D™. By applying advanced physics and optics, SoliDDD has broken through what others thought were technology barriers – barriers that had limited so much of today's 3D to unrealistic, stacked, clunky and even painful images. SoliDDD provides the best 3D ever seen – and does it without the need to wear special glasses. SoliDDD is creating a wide-ranging set of 3D technologies, from capture to display, that shatter today's image of what 3D is and what 3D cannot be. For information about SoliDDD, please visit

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