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Krux and AdzCentral Join Forces to Bring Real-time Data Management and Marketing Solutions to Asia-Pacific Marketers and Publishers

SAN FRANCISCO, NEW YORK and LONDON, July 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Online marketers and publishers across the Asia-Pacific region now have access to Krux's ( popular data management platform (DMP) thanks to a partnership with Singapore-based AdzCentral (, the Scientific Media Buying™ company.

AdzCentral will integrate Krux's cloud-based DMP into its suite of data-driven digital marketing solutions. Krux's technology provides real-time tools including big data analytics, audience segmentation and audience targeting. It allows marketers and publishers to capture, control and connect consumer data to improve revenues and customer engagement without ceding ownership or risking security of their customers' information.

AdzCentral and its strong reseller network will market, distribute and provide support for the Krux DMP in key markets including Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and the Middle East.

"The Krux-AdzCentral partnership enables marketers and publishers to 'own their own data' rather than have it exploited by multiple advertising networks, exchanges, partners and competitors," said Tom Chavez, Krux co-founder and CEO. "This first partnership of its kind will help online content providers to derive true value from their customer information across screens and sources."

"This represents an inevitable and much needed convergence of big data, analytics and cloud storage," said Reza Behnam, CEO of AdzCentral. "It brings to bear, in a scalable way, audience data management in the service of digital marketing and publisher monetization. This is what advertisers and publishers have been waiting for: advanced targeting, actionable audience segmentation, data portability and security."

Krux's clients in the Pacific-Asia region include Recruit, News International, and, among many others.

About AdzCentral

AdzCentral, the Scientific Media Buying™ company, uses advertising technology, marketing science and expertise to improve clients' media investments. AdzCentral uses a combination of real-time advertising, on-demand audience buying, data-rich targeting and real-time media optimization to deliver improved results. Advertisers and Publishers benefit by leveraging the true power of interactive media and reaching the audience they need in real-time, across all digital touch points. In addition, AdzCentral provides expert strategy, services, analytics, execution and support to its clients, to ensure success.

About Krux

Founded in 2010, Krux delivers data fabric for the consumer web to businesses now reaching over 720 million users worldwide. Krux's Data Management Platform (DMP) helps its clients protect, manage and monetize data across all their screens and sources. With Krux, companies give their consumers cooler, safer, faster and smarter web experiences and consumers gain confidence that their favorite websites are operating under the plain light of day. Companies across the U.S., Europe and Asia have adopted Krux technology, including The New York Times, Bloomberg, Meredith, NBC Universal, Forbes Media, Triad Retail Media, Wikia, Financial Times,,, and The Wall Street Journal Digital Network. Find out more at

The Scientific Media Buying™ company is a trademark of AdzCentral. All other trade names are the property of their respective owners.



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