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Medadyn Engages Cryptocurrency Expert Edward Hickman As Key Company Advisor

LOS ANGELES, March 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Medadyn, a cryptocurrency company focused on revolutionizing the way projects are financed within the media, has engaged blockchain expert Edward Hickman, CEO of Anatha, to advise the company as it moves toward the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the MDA utility token.

Mr. Hickman is a recognized expert in cryptocurrencies and ICO's, having advised or been involved in dozens over the last several years and participated in 8 of the 10 most successful ICO's of 2017.

"I've looked at the Medadyn model, and it looks fascinating," Hickman said. "A multi-backed asset, I don't think there's been a play like this in the market yet, and if there has been they haven't made a big splash like Medadyn. I believe this is the real way you should be launching assets and this company is coming out with some real-world backing."

Medadyn recently delayed its March ICO until May of 2018 to ensure compliance with what it saw as shifting global regulations within the cryptocurrency market.  With a strong technical, financial, and business team in the entertainment industry the company will bring value to the market by initially automating asset-based lending for merchandise and media projects. 

"We believe that there will be a half a dozen ICO's for greater than a half a billion dollars in 2018," Hickman said.  "Medadyn has a unique structure and value proposition in the market.  I feel with proper guidance, positioning, and communication to the cryptocurrency community that the company can easily be one of them."

"Edward brings an insider perspective that will be incredibly valuable to the Medadyn team as we progress toward our ICO and beyond," said Medadyn CEO Federico Pacquing. "While we have a strong team used to working with the institutional financial markets, he can assist in providing a strong strategy that will allow the MDA to be a viable utility token for years to come."

Mr. Hickman has over twenty years of experience working in the financial sector including over four years working full time with the blockchain backed digital assets.  He is the CEO and Founder of Anatha Technologies and a certified Blockchain Professional via the C4 Consortium.  Currently, Mr. Hickman sits on the Board of 7 Blockchain focused Technology groups, and has also launched one of the world's first private DAFs (Digital Asset Fund).  He is responsible for launching and maintaining Hawaii's first physical crypto-currency gateway and is the Chief Architect of the Mana Network (Hawaii's first foray into its own digital economy).   The Anatha CEO has been a member of the initial funding round for over 60 ICOs; including 4 out of 5 of the top performing ICOs of all time.  Hickman is the Chief Strategy Officer for 4 upcoming ICOs planned for 2018 release.

About Medadyn
Medadyn, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reedeux Media, Inc., is an advanced utility token specifically designed for use in the media and entertainment industry.  The Medadyn MDA token's initial use is to provide accredited investors and financial institutions a way to seamlessly finance media projects and broadly market these projects globally.  This automation of "asset-backed lending" provides a powerful tool for entertainment, providing new ways to launch projects into the market.  In future months, the MDA utility token will be used within the Reedeux platform for purchases of products within television programs, Business-to-Business transactions between producers and merchandising manufacturers, and even Peer-to-Peer transactions.  For more information, please visit or contact [email protected]


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For further information: Brittnee Wood, Medadyn, 888-344-4665, [email protected],; Terese Kelly Greer, Rosica Communications, 201-843-5600, [email protected]

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