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Health Monitor Network CEO, Ken Freirich, Awarded DTC Innovator Award
Leading Forum for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Advertising Thought Leaders Acknowledges Industry Pioneers in Second Annual Honorary Celebration

MONTVALE, N.J., Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ken Freirich, CEO of Health Monitor Network (HMN), a leading direct-to-patient/patient-engagement company, has been named a 2019 DTC Innovator of the Year Award recipient.

The DTC Innovator Award was created by DTC Perspectives to honor leaders whose DTC marketing efforts help promote and improve patient marketing effectiveness. Honorees are selected based on accomplishments -- where innovation creates meaningful change in the industry and business success.

"I appreciate receiving this award from DTC Perspectives. We are committed to innovation and advancing the DTC industry.  We look forward to sharing some exciting announcements in the near future," commented Freirich.

About Health Monitor Network

Health Monitor Network® is the leading direct-to-patient (DTP)/patient engagement company in the United States. In its 36th year, the company provides high-quality patient education through digital, print, and mobile platforms to tens of millions of condition sufferers through 200,000+ medical offices and more than 400,000 healthcare professionals.  For more information, please visit


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