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Innovative Pharmacogenetics Hub Delivers New Level Of Personalized Care For Patients
BeneCard PBF and RxGenomix Collaborate to Support Pharmacists and Prescribers, Tailoring Medication Therapies for Patients' Individual Health Needs

MECHANICSBURG, Pa., Dec. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BeneCard PBF, a pharmacist-founded prescription benefit manager (PBM) dedicated to clinical excellence, has joined with RxGenomix to provide superior patient care through the use of pharmacogenetic (PGt) testing and a unique, new care coordination tool. The RxGenomix Hub is a highly-secure digital interface which allows real-time coordination of care between the patient's entire treatment team – including primary care providers, specialists, community pharmacists, and PBM clinicians – to deliver effective medication therapies through PGt-informed prescribing.

BeneCard PBF is one of the first PBMs to offer pharmacogenetic testing for members. With the new RxGenomix Hub, the innovative PBM will take personalized care to the next level, far beyond a static PGt report. The RxGenomix Hub provides a dynamic, digital interface in which the patient's care team can proactively evaluate medications to which a patient might respond best based on their pharmacogenetic test results. They can perform a thorough, real-time analysis and adapt a patient's treatment plan based on changes in the patient's lifestyle, health status, and unique medication needs over time.

The RxGenomix Hub gives the care team a remarkable clinical decision support tool, expediting better health outcomes that lead to real cost savings for patients and their plan sponsors.

Everyone responds to treatment in their own unique ways. The traditional trial-and-error approach to prescribing can be inefficient and wasteful. "Finding the right medication can involve a long process of uncomfortable, frustrating side effects and sometimes life-threatening complications. Applying BenePrecise with the RxGenomix Hub can eliminate that complex process," said Jennifer Fuhrmann, PharmD, Senior Vice President of Clinical Services at BeneCard PBF.

BeneCard PBF is passionate about delivering a personalized experience that can inform better healthcare decisions using pharmacogenetic testing, an advanced claims processing platform, and RxGenomix's powerful analytics engine to optimize medication prescribing. Together these companies are creating something everyone needs, but few have experienced.

"RxGenomix is exceptionally proud to partner with BeneCard PBF," said Blake Keller, PharmD, the Chief Operating Officer of RxGenomix.  "BeneCard's commitment to clinical excellence and innovation, translates to improved patient care and lower prescription costs. This will accelerate the rational utilization of PGt-guided medication therapy management."

About Pharmacogenetics
Pharmacogenetics (PGt), a subset of pharmacogenomics (PGx), is the science of how medications perform in the body based on a patient's metabolism. Each person has a unique metabolism determined by their genetics, the same way genes determine eye color or can influence a person's health. This variability in metabolic traits can cause medication to break down at a rate that either negates its therapeutic effects or causes severe side effects. By using pharmacogenetic data, prescribers and pharmacists can work together to provide safer, more effective medication therapy without the need for repeated trial and error to determine the best treatment options for an individual.

About BeneCard PBF
BeneCard PBF is a clinically-driven prescription benefit manager (PBM) that delivers lasting savings by producing superior and proven clinical results. Through innovative programs such as pharmacogenetics and pay-for-performance, BeneCard PBF aligns its interests with patients and plan sponsors to bring a transparent, ethical approach to pharmacy benefit management. By putting clinical considerations first, BeneCard PBF has delivered industry-leading trends year after year that support plan sponsors in providing their members with affordable, accessible, and high-quality care.

About RxGenomix
RxGenomix is a comprehensive pharmacogenomics (PGx) solutions company created to empower pharmacists and other healthcare providers to optimize and scale the application of PGx, enabling them to improve patient care while reducing overall costs. RxGenomix provides the education, training, materials, research, in-depth analytics, connective technology, delivery tools, and laboratory support needed for any healthcare provider, employer or health benefit provider to easily access and effectively apply pharmacogenomic testing to their practice or benefits strategy.


For further information: Terese Kelly Greer,, 201-843-5600, Ext. 206

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