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BenePrecise, BeneCard PBF's Cutting-Edge Pharmacogenetics Program, Recognized with PBMI Excellence Award

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla., March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- BeneCard PBF, a pharmacogenetics leader in the PBM industry, has received the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute's (PBMI) Excellence Award for Care Management Strategies. PBMI presented the award in acknowledgment of the critical improvements to patient care and health outcomes that can be achieved through BeneCard PBF's BenePrecise Pharmacogenetics program. BenePrecise is an innovative program that identifies metabolic variations and predicts how they will affect patients' responses to medication.

PBMI is a leading provider of research and education and monitors emerging trends in drug cost management. After a highly competitive selection process, BeneCard PBF was recognized for the exceptional contributions BenePrecise offers the pharmacy management industry.

BeneCard PBF is one of the first PBMs to offer pharmacogenetic testing to members taking personalized care to the next level. Using a digital interface, a patient's care team can coordinate and identify which medications have the potential to produce the best possible results for the individual.

Pharmacists at BeneCard PBF work together with prescribers to perform a thorough, real-time analysis and adapt a patient's treatment plan based on the individual's unique needs. This analysis factors in pharmacogenetic results for single drugs as well as the full medication regimen together, in addition to the patient's lifestyle and medical history. All of these elements impact health outcomes and quality of life.

"BenePrecise enables our pharmacists to truly engage our members and their prescribers in a meaningful clinical dialogue geared to improve the entire patient experience," says BeneCard PBF president Michael Perry. "BenePrecise facilitates unmatched hands-on care coordination, which is a key component of safeguarding members' health and delivering genuinely personalized care."

BenePrecise revolutionizes prescribing, allowing the medical field to advance beyond traditional trial-and-error approaches to finding the best medication for each patient. "Personalized medicine is making significant strides in improving healthcare today," says Dr. Sharon Frazee, Senior Vice President of Research and Data Innovation at PBMI. "We're thrilled to present BeneCard PBF with an Excellence Award for their BenePrecise Pharmacogenetics program. With this fully integrated program, both patients and plan sponsors benefit. Patients get the right medication and enjoy better health, while plan sponsors see a reduction in wasteful spending as well as the risk of harm to their members from serious medication side effects."

About BeneCard PBF

BeneCard PBF is a prescription benefit manager (PBM) that delivers lasting savings by producing superior, proven clinical results. Through innovative programs such as pharmacogenetics and pay-for-performance, BeneCard PBF aligns its interests with patients and plan sponsors to bring a transparent, ethical approach to pharmacy benefit management. By putting clinical considerations first, BeneCard PBF has achieved industry-leading trends year after year for its clients, supporting plan sponsors in providing their members with affordable, accessible, high-quality healthcare.

About PBMI

The Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI) is the nation's leading provider of research and education that informs, advises, and influences the industry on drug cost management. For more information, please visit


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