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TechScholar Launches Platform In Response To Coronavirus Travel Bans
TechScholar Debuts TSU Fast-Track Virtual Training for Widely Dispersed Sales Reps

SOUTH SALEM, N.Y., March 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to organizations limiting business travel and having employees work remotely to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, TechScholar, the leading Product Sales Training software provider, has launched a platform that offers a virtual solution. Its new TechScholar University (TSU) portal is a low-cost, fast-track model to train remote sales rep teams.

Founded in 2008, TechScholar provides a platform for product focused sales training to companies of all sizes, including Staples, Fujifilm, HP, Lenovo, SP Richards, Manfrotto and more.

"TechScholar University safely delivers customized, product-specific Product Sales Training to dealer and distributor reps anytime, anywhere," said William Breslow, TechScholar founder and president. "The coronavirus pandemic, with the resulting cancellation of business-related travel and meetings, is a major challenge for sales teams and reps, who rely heavily on in-person product training programs," Breslow added.

Delivering user-friendly and effective online Product Sales Training is TechScholar's core business model. As a proprietary, cloud-based software solution, TechScholar's platform is specifically designed to train geographically dispersed sales reps, eliminating the time, cost and now the potential health risk of in-person sales training.

"TSU's launch tackles this challenge head-on and provides a new expedited, affordable process to roll out dealer rep training in days or weeks—not months. Our team is standing by to help any manufacturer or distributor, no matter its size, navigate these unprecedented events and continue to provide dealer sales rep training over the coming months," Breslow stated.

By harnessing TechScholar's technology and global team, TSU provides a user-friendly interface that serves as a cost-effective training tool. It's an ideal solution for sales leaders who need to immediately launch a remote training solution customized for their product.

"TSU allows companies to follow the CDC recommendations for limited travel and safe-distance contact and continue to deliver high-quality Product Sales Training to their reps," Breslow said.

About TechScholar
With top clients ranging from Staples and Fujifilm USA to HP, Lenovo, Manfrotto and others, TechScholar produces entirely customized, high-quality, product-specific Product Training Modules (PTMs) designed to streamline learning, cut training costs and boost sales for even the most complex worldwide sales teams. Hosted on TechScholar's secure, cloud-based learning management system, co-branded manufacturer and distributor campuses offer impactful PTMs highlighting products' key value propositions and targeted selling opportunities while providing transparent reporting on sales reps' completion and engagement metrics. More than 5,000 active dealer/distributor reps and 40 category-leading manufacturers are currently Learning and Earning with TechScholar. To learn more, please visit and click on "Cloud-Based Travel" for information on TechScholar's new COVID-19 solution.

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For further information: William Breslow, Founder/President, TechScholar, P: 914-533-6313, C. 914-471-7545, [email protected]

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