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Liminal Releases Redesigned ZoomOSC 4.0
New virtual event application expands control of Zoom to provide professional-grade event production capabilities

SPRINGFIELD, Va., Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Liminal Entertainment Technologies today announced the latest version of ZoomOSC, which allows users to integrate Zoom with third-party software and hardware for innovative event design, reactive programing, and remote control of participants.

ZoomOSC 4.0 (ZoomOSC Graphics Package) enables broadcasters, virtual event organizers, entertainment professionals, and other video producers to maximize their control of Zoom, the popular web-conferencing platform, and significantly elevate the production quality of their events. The application is already widely used for virtual theater, conferences, and even online escape rooms. Version 4.0's added features expand opportunities for use in broadcast, education, business, concerts, and more.

Key features and capabilities of ZoomOSC include the ability to:

  • Connect hardware controllers to Zoom, with support for StreamDeck (BitFocus Companion), OSC devices, and MIDI controllers (with OSC conversion).
  • Integrate with media servers for sequential cueing, triggered playback, and dynamic integrations, particularly Qlab, Isadora, and OBS.
  • Gain advanced control over video/mic devices, audio levels, and meeting roles in webinars.
  • Create, preset, and efficiently transition between "super sources" in Zoom with multi-pin and multi-spot support for multiple participants onscreen side-by-side.
  • Automate Zoom controls with live meeting feedback, including chat messages, participant names, active speaker, and meeting status.
  • Facilitate cloud deployment of Zoom.
  • Access a more versatile interface that enables integrators to incorporate Zoom into their professional production workflows.

In this latest release, Liminal expanded its free ZoomOSC application (now called ZoomOSC Essentials) and launched ZoomOSC Pro, a paid tier for $35/month or $350/year that unlocks additional ground-breaking features, including remote control of other users (currently in beta) as well as the ability to receive enhanced real-time feedback from Zoom for reactive programming. This output feedback is particularly significant as it expands opportunities for users to develop their own custom Zoom integrations on top of ZoomOSC.

Alex Lindsay, video production specialist and host of Office Hours, says, "If you are serious about doing something that sits above everything else you are used to using in Zoom, you need to learn to use [ZoomOSC] set yourself apart."

"ZoomOSC 4.0 is a huge step forward for Liminal," says Andy Carluccio, Liminal's President and ZoomOSC's creator. "We've re-invented our most popular technology to offer greater possibilities than ever for decentralized production. Our new OSC Processing Engine enables more commands, and our beta users have been ecstatic about the options we have opened up for enhanced control of Zoom. With the launch of our new ZoomOSC Pro software, we are opening the door to incredibly advanced integrations and are providing the key ingredients to build the most powerful Zoom production workflows imaginable for events of any scale."

Liminal also now offers a ZoomOSC Enterprise plan designed to provide advanced Zoom integrations and custom organization-wide implementation. For more information, please visit

About Liminal: Liminal provides software solutions and consulting services for remote contribution, virtual events, and digital media. Liminal has helped thousands of individuals and organizations reinvent virtual events and design digital media infrastructure that will thrive well beyond the pandemic. To learn more, visit

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For further information: Nolan Jacobs Walker, Liminal Entertainment Technologies,, (510) 672-0332

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