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RAIsonance, Inc. Announces First Medical Advisory Board
AI Technology company brings together revered team of healthcare professionals from around the country

DENVER, July 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- RAIsonance, Inc., a group of AI powered technology solutions companies which help to meet today's critical health and safety challenges headquartered in the Denver Tech Center, is proud to announce that it has seated its very first Medical Advisory Board to commence its two-year term, which started June, 2021.

The distinguished members include:

  • Rodolfo Aldir, MD, FACC, FCCP; Medical Advisory Board Chair; Interventional Cardiologist with Orlando Health
  • Lewis Marshall, MD, JD, MS, FAADM, FAAEP, FACP, FACHE, FCLM; Advisory Board Member; Chief Medical Officer at NYC Health & Hospitals / Lincoln; Member and Fellow of the American Academy of Disaster Medicine
  • Andrea Keener, Ph.D., LMHC, MCAP, Long COVID Advisory Board Chair
  • Jeanne M. LeBlanc, Ph.D., ABPP, R. Psych; Advisory Board Member; Private Practice - Clinical Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation
  • Frederick L. Slone, MD, FAADM; Advisory Board Member; Associate Professor at University of South Florida College of Medicine, Member and Fellow of the American Board of Disaster Medicine
  • Ryan Chakra, MD; Advisory Board Member; Senior Medical Director at BD
  • Greg Cohen, DO, FACOFP; Advisory Board Member; Lucas County Health Center Medical Clinics in Chariton, Iowa
  • Heidi P. Cordi, MD, MPH, MS, EMTP, FACEP, FAADM; Advisory Board Member; Core Faculty for the Division of Emergency Medical Services, Associate Director of the EMS Fellowship Program, and EMS Coordinator for Rensselaer County, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine and Associate Medical Director of Emergency Medical Services at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Medical Director of Mohawk Ambulance in Albany; Member and Fellow of the American Academy of Disaster Medicine
  • Elizabeth Maxwell-Schmidt, MS, MD, FAAEP, FACEPMD; Advisory Board Member; Emergency Medicine Specialist in Annapolis, MD

"We are incredibly gratified to have attracted such an esteemed team of brilliant medical professionals to serve on our Medical Advisory Board," said RAIsonance's Chief Medical Officer and Chief Strategy & Planning Officer Maurice Ramirez, DO, Ph.D.  "With their guidance and support, we will be extremely well-positioned to bring our groundbreaking AI/ML technologies to market. As we seek to make a meaningful impact on the markets we serve, our Advisory Board will provide us with the essential insights we will need to make products that serve practitioners and patients all over the US, and indeed around the world."

Founded in 2020 in an effort to impact COVID-19 and partly funded by National Science Foundation, RAIsonance is structured as a group of separate companies dedicated to Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) based solutions for the safety, security, and healthcare diagnostics markets.

"We're incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with and learn from these expert clinicians," said Kitty Kolding, CEO of RAIsonance, Inc.  "Each individual brings unique perspective and invaluable expertise that will shape our product concepts and specialized technologies as we continue our work in health, wellness, biometrics and safety. It's hard to overstate how thrilled we are to be working with a team of advisors like this one." 

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About RAIsonance, Inc.

RAIsonance, Inc. is a family of companies headquartered in the Denver Tech Center in Colorado, dedicated to Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)-based solutions for the safety, security, and healthcare diagnostics markets. Partially funded with a grant from the National Science Foundation, RAIsonance has developed breakthrough technology innovations that use Signal Data Signature Recognition as a biomarker for human medical diagnostics and to support ground-breaking safety applications. To learn more about RAIsonance, please visit 


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