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American Student Assistance and the Association for Middle Level Education Launch Free Digital Career Exploration Playbook in Collaboration with Canva for Education

Partnership brings highly engaging, transformative resource designed to empower middle schoolers, providing them with essential tools to explore and inform their educational and professional journey

BOSTON, Jan. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- American Student Assistance Student Assistance® (ASA), a national nonprofit changing the way kids learn about careers and navigate a path to postsecondary education and career success, and the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE), the world's largest professional association for middle grades educators, today announced the launch of "Exploring Career Paths: A Guide for Middle Schoolers (and The People Who Care About Them)." Created in partnership with Canva for Education, this free digital resource is designed for middle schoolers to use independently or in the classroom with the guidance of educators, as well as outside of school in collaboration with a trusted adult such as a parent, mentor, or guardian.

Through highly engaging exercises and interactive templates, the playbook helps students explore their identity, values, and communication style; understand career clusters and have meaningful conversations about their future opportunities; and learn how to advocate for themselves.

Research shows that 87% of learners are interested in ways to match specific skills and interests with potential careers, and 85% would like to learn about the requirements for the careers they are interested in. "We know that all students want more opportunities to immerse themselves in learning that feels relevant to their daily lives, and with this new digital resource, we are continuing our efforts to increase equitable access to career exploration experiences that prepare young people for long-term success," said Jean Eddy, CEO and President of ASA.

"Extensive research supports middle school as the most effective time for career exploration, as well as when students are the most receptive to positive change following a career development intervention," said Stephanie Simpson, CEO of AMLE. "These activities are perfect to engage middle schoolers, allowing them to drive their own exploration during this pivotal time."   

"We're committed to equipping students with the skills needed to thrive in today's competitive job market. Through our partnership with American Student Assistance and the Association for Middle Level Education, we're thrilled to be offering educators and students valuable, high-quality resources for success – ensuring they're well-prepared for the challenges of the professional world ahead," said Jason Wilmot, Head of Education, Canva.

About American Student Assistance® (ASA)
American Student Assistance® (ASA) is a national nonprofit changing the way kids learn about careers and navigate a path to postsecondary education and career success. ASA believes all students should have equitable access to career readiness learning, starting in middle school, so they will be equipped to make informed, confident decisions about their futures. ASA fulfills its mission by providing free digital-first experiences, including Futurescape® and Next Voice™, and EvolveMe™, directly to millions of students, and through impact investing and philanthropic support for educators, intermediaries, and others. To learn more about ASA, visit

About AMLE
The Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) helps middle grades educators reach every student, grow professionally, and create great schools. A membership association of more than 35,000 members, AMLE provides professional learning and networking opportunities to those who work with students ages 10-15. To learn more, visit

About Canva for Education
Canva for Education is an all-in-one visual communication platform. It's 100% free for K-12 districts, schools, teachers, and students. Bring your ideas to life with high-quality templates from presentations, posters, infographics, videos, digital whiteboards, newsletters, marketing collateral, websites to connect with parents, and more. Facilitate engaging learning in the classroom and empower your students with the skills of tomorrow – From AI to digital literacy. To learn more, visit

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