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SurgePays Enables Consumers to Purchase Bitcoin at Neighborhood Stores
Launch of Bitcoin Sales Software Program for Retailers in the SurgePays Network

BARTLETT, Tenn., February 17, 2022 – SurgePays, Inc. (Nasdaq: SURG) (“SurgePays” or the “Company”), a fintech company providing essential financial services and prepaid products to the underbanked population, announced the full roll out of its Bitcoin sale software platform.

The SurgePays’ software platform has enhanced its ability to serve the underbanked in the community by enabling store owners to sell Bitcoin to customers – with or without a bank account or credit card. Store owners can sell Bitcoin at local convenience and neighborhood stores which are part of the Company’s 8,000-plus and growing retail store network. SurgePays’ new feature will allow the store clerk to facilitate the purchase of between $50 to $1,499 of Bitcoin.

Commenting on the Company’s latest growth initiative, Brian Cox, Chairman and CEO, stated, “SurgePays has long been on the forefront of financial services solutions for the underbanked and we continue by being at the forefront of digital currency adoption for the underbanked. This latest offering enables stores in our network to offer cash purchases of Bitcoin without using an ATM, avoiding costly fees and space consuming equipment. Customers simply download one of the many digital wallets available on their phone or tablet and the clerk becomes their virtual fintech teller, facilitating the Bitcoin purchase using our web interface app while checking out at the register. 

“SurgePays already enables store owners to add credit to any account for prepaid phone customers, activate gift cards, load reloadable debit cards and add credit directly to the major apps on consumer smartphones. This enhances our ability to activate more stores by offering them a one stop shop fintech suite, while providing life enhancing products to the underserved market. This is another step in our mission to be a champion of the underbanked and an ally of the convenience store,” added Cox.

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About SurgePays, Inc.

SurgePays, Inc. is a blockchain fintech with other verticals in the underbanked space. SurgePays omnichannel marketplace software enables community corner stores to become tech-hubs for underbanked neighborhoods by providing essential financial services and products to these communities at a grass roots level.  These essential products practically enhance the lives of the underbanked in the stores where they shop. Please visit  for more information.

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