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SurgePays Provides Shareholder Update
Top 10 Performing Stock on NASDAQ 2022; Shareholder Meeting Set for March 7, 2023

BARTLETT, Tenn., January 12, 2023 -- SurgePays, Inc. (Nasdaq: SURG) ("SurgePays" or the "Company"), a technology and telecommunications company focused on the underbanked and underserved provides this shareholder update.

"It’s extremely exciting to finish 2022, a difficult market year, as a top 10 performing stock out of almost 3,700 companies on the Nasdaq stock exchange. I am proud of our accomplishments with no dilutive capital raises. Our top goals for 2022 were to maximize growth opportunities while also improving our balance sheet and cap table. I believe we achieved these goals by focusing on scaling our business within our financial resources and leveraging our expertise in underbanked markets in preparation for what we believe can be a transformational 2023," stated Brian Cox, Chief Executive Officer of SurgePays, Inc.

"At the beginning of the year, I made a commitment to our shareholders to maximize telecom subscriber growth through reinvesting cash flow without accessing diluting capital. While this commitment resulted in throttling sales to significantly less than our abilities and potential due to running out of devices several times, I believe the results speak for themselves. Our team continues to focus on scaling our business with the goal of growing both revenue and shareholder value by holding firm with a measured approach. We will continue to focus on refining operations and improving unit margins without increasing operational cash burn. I think this past year is indicative of the viability of our plan as we were able to execute in difficult market conditions.”

Mr. Cox continued: “We see opportunity for expansion in our market, and I am pleased to report that we are just hitting our stride. I have previously stated that our next milestone is 500,000 subscribers, and after that 1 million. Once we hit 500,000 subscribers, we anticipate being able to offer our subscribers additional products, including the launch of our prepaid wireless brand and other financial services for the underbanked. It is important to remember that each subscriber represents a household with significant upsell revenue opportunities for the Company.

“In November, we announced a $25 million installment credit facility that gave us the ability to increase sales operations and improve our supply chain. Working through facility and procurement partners, SurgePays and its partners currently have orders for over 300,000 devices (tablets and smartphones), with expected delivery in the first quarter of 2023. These expanded resources enable us to launch in-store Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) enrollments as well as increase internet and field enrollment programs. SurgePays also offers these services on smartphones, potentially broadening overall market penetration.”

“We also made some great additions to our Board of Directors in the fourth quarter of 2022, which, in part, led to our decision to delay our annual meeting of shareholders, which is expected to be held in March 2023 in Memphis.

“One of the most significant additions to our team in 2022 was Jeremy Gies as President of SurgePays Fintech,” Added Mr. Cox. “Jeremy is a 25 year veteran of telecom, fintech and prepaid channels who is laser focused on expanding our network and increasing revenue. My directive to Jeremy was simple: more stores, more sales per store and higher margins per sale. I want to call special attention to this as his experience and skill set expand our capacity to grow and execute long term growth initiatives using ACP as a unique catalyst to get our foot in the door with tens of thousands of stores nationwide. Almost every convenience store in the country accepts SNAP/EBT which is a qualifier for subsidized internet access. In 20 years of business, I have never had a more enticing offering for independent and chain store owners. SurgePays Fintech is positioned to be one of our most impressive growth metrics of 2023.

“I am looking forward to continuing our same growth trajectory using disciplined decision making focused on what we feel positions us for maximum shareholder value three-to-five years from today. Thank you for your support and loyalty, this sets up to be an extremely exciting year for SurgePays.”


Brian Cox, CEO and Chairman

About SurgePays, Inc.

SurgePays, Inc. is a technology and telecommunications company focused on the underbanked and underserved communities. SurgePhone Wireless provides mobile broadband to low-income consumers nationwide. SurgePays blockchain fintech platform utilizes a suite of financial and prepaid products to convert corner stores and bodegas into tech hubs for underbanked neighborhoods. Please visit for more information.

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