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Border Lab Case History

In 2014, BorderX Lab, a cross-border e-commerce company based in Silicon Valley, introduced the “Beyond” APP, a platform that enables U.S. and European brands and retailers to sell their goods—primarily apparel and cosmetics directly to Chinese consumers. Competition in the world’s largest consumer market is fierce from the giant, more established firms such as TMall, Kaola and JD, as well as from smaller gray market, or “Daigou,” players that resell goods in China.

Feintuch Communications’ goal was to heighten awareness of BorderX Lab in the marketplace and help build its roster of partner retailers and brands. We created a PR strategy and plan that highlighted the company’s unique capabilities and value proposition, including how BorderX Lab curates its clients’ products to include key influencers to drive consumer demand and ensure brand integrity. We engaged mainstream business, fashion and e-commerce media with a comprehensive schedule of press releases, media pitches, thought leadership bylined stories and illustrative partner case studies.

As a result of our efforts, we were able to position BorderX Lab as the “go-to” cross border e-commerce site for U.S. and European brands and retailers seeking to reach the Chinese consumer via more than 50 media placements over the account’s first nine months, including coverage in WWD, Jing Daily, Luxury Daily, Stores, Internet Retailer, Beauty Store News, Business of Fashion and Quartz as well as strategic byliners to burnish the company’s thought leadership.


Carlos Guillen, President & CEO, BasisCode Compliance

“Since the fall of 2016, the Feintuch team has implemented a media and thought-leadership PR campaign to raise awareness among prospective clients and compliance industry consultants. The campaign has helped increase the number of consulting firms that adopted the BasisCode software platform five-fold and our direct client base by over 200%.”

Jeff Unze, President, Strategic Partnerships, BorderX Lab

"Our cross-border story is very complex and nuanced but the senior team at Feintuch Communications dug in and helped us to clarify our key messaging and target the media we needed to reach. We’ve had several stories in WWD, Internet Retailer, Stores and other publications and the marketplace has reacted positively to our increase in visibility."

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