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Leclanché completes installation of 100MWh of projects around the world including landmark replicable projects accelerating the integration of renewables into the grid

Leclanché is well positioned to capitalise on the fast growing Utility-Scale Energy Storage market. According to Navigant Research[1], there was more than 1GW of annual deployment in 2017, growing to 30GW annual capacity by 2026. 

Completion of micro-grid project powered by Leclanché on the Portuguese island of Graciosa, making it the only island in the world supplied by over 70% of renewables. 

The energy storage solution developed for Graciosa is transferable and will be deployed across the Azores in partnership with HowardScott.

Completion of Marengo project in Chicago, one of the largest grid-tied regulation services projects in the PJM market. 


YVERDON LES BAINS, Switzerland, and DALLAS, December 27, 2018: Leclanché SA (SIX: LECN), one of the world’s leading energy storage solutions companies, today announced that the Company has achieved an important milestone in the industry. 

Anil Srivastava, CEO of Leclanché announced during the 2018 Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held on 11 December 2018 that the Company was expected to complete more than 100MWh of stationary storage projects around the world including: 

PV Integration in Distribution grid: EPFL/ Romande Energy, Switzerland

Micro-grid integrating wind and solar: Graciólica, Graciosa, Portugal

Utility Grid-tied Frequency Regulation and Ancillary Services: Ellwood, Canadian Solar; Cremzow phase 1, Berlin Germany; Marengo, Chicago USA; Basin 1&2, Toronto Canada; SWB, Germany; S4Energy, Netherlands

Commercial and Industrial Customer: NRStor Monarch, Ontario, Canada

This important milestone has now been achieved.

Anil Srivastava, CEO of Leclanché said: “As we go into 2019, we are delighted to announce this important milestone and to highlight to our employees, partners and other stakeholders that Leclanché’s opportunity is now.  

The growth in demand for Leclanché’s stationary storage solutions to accelerate the integration of renewables into our grid, and the demand for our grid to EV storage solutions promise to make 2019 an important year for the Company. 

We are particularly excited that our energy storage solutions have helped to clean up Graciosa’s energy supply by integrating over 70% renewable energy into the island’s grid.  This project is a testament that we can reduce our dependence on dirty fuels, in this case diesel, and substantially increase the integration of renewables into the electricity supply TODAY.

Leclanché’s Lithium Titanate Cells (LTO)-based Battery Energy Storage System was selected to power this landmark project. The long life performance attributes of LTO Cells are at the heart of this microgrid project, as they maximize the integration of wind energy, are able to withstand the thousands of micro cycles and stress on the battery system, and their long life supports the long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for this project.

This achievement is fantastic for the people of Graciosa and the energy storage solution is replicable on other islands. With our partner HowardScott, we look forward to deploying this “first of its kind” energy storage solution across the Azores.

Utilities, auto manufacturers, fleet operators, fast charging infrastructure companies and AI applications, require smarter, faster and greener energy storage solutions today. Our complete solutions based on our own advanced cell technology coupled with our grid to EV know-how, make us unique and the partner of choice.”

Dom Hughes, Director of Graciólica, said: “Completing the Graciólica project has required patient investors and the collective efforts of a large team of highly talented engineers from around the world, including from our customer, EDA, and our own team on site. Tractebel coordinated the project in 2018 working with Greensmith Energy as the provider of hybrid microgrid technology and solution, and Leclanché who supplied the battery system. Greensmith’s GEMS controls platform is central to the plant’s operation. Graciólica will provide 100% clean energy under the right conditions, as well as, provide fully automated grid forming services to EDA”

About Leclanché

Headquartered in Switzerland, Leclanché SA is a leading provider of high quality energy storage solutions designed to accelerate our progress towards a clean energy future.

Leclanché’s history and heritage is rooted in over 100 years of battery and energy storage innovation and the Company is a trusted provider of energy storage solutions globally. This coupled with the Company’s culture of German engineering and Swiss precision and quality, continues to make Leclanché the partner of choice for both disruptors, established companies and governments who are pioneering positive changes in how energy is produced, distributed and consumed around the world.

The energy transition is being driven primarily by changes in the management of our electricity networks and the electrification of transport, and these two end markets form the backbone of our strategy and business model. Leclanché is at the heart of the convergence of the electrification of transport and the changes in the distribution network. Leclanché is the only listed pure play energy storage company in the world, organised along three business units: stationary storage solutions, etransport solutions and specialty batteries systems. Leclanché is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX: LECN).

SIX Swiss Exchange: ticker symbol LECN | ISIN CH 011 030 311 9



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[1] According to NAVIGANT RESEARCH, in 2017, 1,158.8 MW of new utility-scale energy storage power capacity is expected to be installed globally, increasing to 30,472.5 MW of new capacity annually by 2026.

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