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ClearContext, Microsoft, Nordic River, Xerox, and Xobni win Basex Excellence Awards for Information Overload Innovations

NEW YORK, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Five companies who have developed products or services that address the problem of Information Overload -- ClearContext, Microsoft, Nordic River, Xerox and Xobni -- have won Basex Excellence Awards.

The "Baseys" will be presented today at the Information Overload Awareness Day Inaugural Event, being held on the Web. This year's awards recognize companies with industry-leading products or services that focus on the problem of Information Overload.

"These companies and offerings exemplify the types of products breaking new ground in the fight against Information Overload," said Jonathan B. Spira, Basex' CEO and Chief Analyst, who will present the awards. Executives from each company will participate in the conference's Visionary Vendor panel prior to receiving the awards.

The Basey winners are being honored for a broad range of innovation:

  • ClearContext: For tools that control the inbox, aggregate project information, and reduce information overload;

  • Microsoft: For Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Outlook 2010 and for inbox features that help reduce Information Overload;

  • Nordic River: For TextFlow and its ability reduce Information Overload through a collaborative authoring environment;

  • Xerox: For multiple contributions in search and categorization as well as a continued emphasis on Information Overload; and

  • Xobni: For tools that improve inbox management and reduce information and relationship overload.

In addition, a special Basey will be presented to Nathan Zeldes, president of the Information Overload Research Group and Intel's former information overload czar, to honor the significant fundamental contributions he has made to research in Information Overload.

Further information on the Information Overload Awareness Day Inaugural Event can be found at

The agenda includes senior executives and thought leaders from the corporate and academic worlds.


Basex Excellence Awards are given to leaders in the information technology (IT) world. The award recognizes companies who have made noteworthy contributions to the industry through outstanding products and service offerings.


Basex is the world's foremost knowledge economy research and advisory firm. Founded in 1983 and headquartered in New York City, Basex provides senior business executives from organizations across the globe with strategic advice, business and technology guidance, best practices, and insight about knowledge worker management and productivity.



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