"The gold standard for working with a PR Firm is that it must feel like you’re working with another department within your organization. They understand your goals and needs because they share them. The Feintuch team was an extension of my team – it never felt like an outside firm.

Working with Feintuch Communications was like having a larger marketing team.  They shared our goals, anticipated our needs, got our messages out and kept us in front of the publishers.”

--Garth Lobban, Director of Marketing, Atlona

Emergent Capital
"I have known and worked with Henry Feintuch for nearly 20 years, first at the same PR firm, and then as a client.  Feintuch Communications served as agency of record for Emergent Capital for six years providing IR and crisis support.  In 2011, Emergent was faced with a crisis that threatened to put our company out-of-business.  Our stock dropped 70% creating extreme uncertainty among our primary stakeholders.  Henry Feintuch and Rick Anderson  helped us to manage the crisis including strategic guidance on how best to communicate to shareholders and the media. They were instrumental in helping us restore our credibility and reputation among key stakeholders.”

--David Sasso, Senior Vice President, Emergent Capital  

JRocket Marketing
"I have worked with Henry Feintuch for more than 25 years through nearly a dozen businesses. He is long on strategic business and PR knowledge, as well as personal ethics and commitment to excellence. Mr. Feintuch provides executive and management teams with a deep understanding of the broad spectrum of PR and publicity opportunities that translate into real business gain. He is the consummate team player, deeply knowledgeable in all things PR and will be an asset to any executive team.” 

--Judith Rothrock, President, JRocket Marketing

"With Henry Feintuch's input and counsel, young PowerDsine was able to position itself as the leading developer of Power-over-Ethernet technology, competing against some of the world's largest multinational manufacturers including Cisco. We were able to successfully sell into the largest IT organizations and develop a brand that was very strong and helped the company in its public offering."


--Igal Rotem, Entrepreneur and Former CEO/Founder, PowerDsine

"When it comes to developing powerful marketing strategies that help to differentiate start-ups from established organizations, there is no equal to Henry Feintuch and his team. Henry has helped me to establish and promote several of my companies including LifeSafety Solutions and FreedomPay. There's no question that if I were taking on leadership in another organization, Feintuch Communications would be my pick to help build its reputation and sales!”

--Robert Pons, Senior Vice President, Capital Markets, TMNG 

Turtle Beach
"Doug Wright is the real deal... a diligent and creative PR executive who knows how to deliver for his clients. Doug was the best thing about our PR agency during our time working together. I always knew I could count on him to help us get a well-written and effective message out and to all the right places with great results. I highly recommend him to any firm or corporation looking for a real pro to handle their PR and communications tasks."

--Michael Arzt, former VP, Business and Marketing Development, Turtle Beach

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