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HALOLIFE Launches "Breathe Generously" Initiative
HALOLIFE, Save the Children, Enactus, and Yamba Malawi Take a Stand to Protect Children and Adults Worldwide Against COVID-19 with Distribution of High Quality Face Masks

STEVENSON, Wash., June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- While U.S. adult vaccine rates have increased, there is one group that will not have that form of protection any time soon – and that is children under the age of 12 – making high quality masks essential for this group. This is also the case for adults and children worldwide, and especially in many areas where there is limited distribution of vaccines such as India, Brazil, and Malawi.

Based on this continuing, urgent need for COVID protection, four leading organizations have combined forces to help distribute masks to children around the world, and to select schools throughout the U.S. They are: HALOLIFE, Save The Children, Enactus, and Yamba Malawi. These partners are committed to helping the world breathe safely through an e-commerce campaign that generates funds for mask donations as well as distribution of masks themselves.

"We are asking people to Breathe Generously by purchasing a HALOLIFE mask so that we can apply a portion of those funds as a donation to distribute masks to vulnerable populations in the U.S. and around the world," stated Keith N. Anderson, CEO of HALOLIFE. "Our masks set the standard for protection and comfortable fit. Unlike other masks, ours are double-layered and have an added nano-filter that screens out 99% of airborne particulates, including COVID–19."

With the evolving nature of the coronavirus, masks remain critical for adults and children – especially as new variants emerge and spread. One example, according to the CDC, is the Delta variant, which has been categorized as a "Variant of Concern," showing increased transmissibility and disease severity. It is anticipated that the continued emergence of new variants will potentially drive increased demand for masks, particularly as people return to the workplace where employers may purchase masks company-wide and individuals purchase their own. 

"Save the Children is deeply grateful for this partnership with HALOLIFE that supports our efforts to protect children, especially during these uncertain times," said Shane Garver, Save the Children's Senior Director of Rural Education. 

Chief Innovation Officer of Enactus, Terry Torok, says, "We have many university students who are helping distribute masks to at-risk communities. This furthers our efforts to create sustainable solutions and social innovation for a better world." 

To learn more about helping the world Breathe Generously, visit:

Based in Stevenson, WA, HALOLIFE created its HALOmask concept in 2016 in New Zealand and perfected it through worldwide testing. The HALOmask sets a new global standard with proprietary SETA™ nano-filters that capture virtually all airborne pathogens and pollutants threatening a person's health. Our mission is to provide innovative, high quality products that protect people from the challenges of our modern environment, as well as support the mission of our select nonprofit partners. Visit for additional information.


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