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NCSolutions' measurement services provide CPG advertisers insights into their TikTok campaigns, including the impact on incremental sales and optimal creative performance

NEW YORK, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- NCSolutions (NCS), the leading company for improving advertising effectiveness for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) ecosystem, has been named a badged TikTok Measurement Partner.

As one of the newest TikTok partners for Lift measurement, NCS offers insights into the sales impact of a TikTok campaign. Sales lift measurement is a solution for CPG brands, offering a nuanced understanding of the specific elements within their advertising that drive incremental sales. These insights inform immediate decision-making and equip brands with the foresight needed to plan for future campaigns strategically.

TikTok is an immersive, entertainment-first platform with distinctive user engagement and content viewing experiences compared to other platforms. When a user views an ad on TikTok, it's not always a simple click and convert. TikTok ad views frequently serve as the starting point for further exploration by consumers on other channels. Understanding which touchpoint is best at driving people to take action enables marketers to better optimize campaign performance and achieve incremental growth on the platform.

"Partnering with our cross-channel and lift measurement experts provides better visibility into consumer behavior beyond the last click," explains TikTok's Global Head of Marketing Partnerships and Industry Education, Melissa Yang. "Working with our partners reveals the true impact of TikTok marketing campaigns while also providing strategic insight that can be leveraged to drive meaningful growth for businesses."

"We are thrilled to collaborate with TikTok in delivering sales lift insights to CPG advertisers," said Dan Malmed, Chief Revenue Officer at NCSolutions. "By fostering this strategic partnership, brands gain access to granular details that empower them to make the smartest and most effective advertising decisions, ultimately driving sustained growth and consumer engagement."

The Cross-channel Effect
Cross-channel sales lift measurement provides marketers with a holistic understanding of advertising performance across multiple media types and is one of the sales lift solutions NCS provides TikTok.

For example, NCS evaluated a combination of cross-channel sales lift studies over a period of time. The results looked at various campaign elements, including how TikTok ads performed compared to TV ads and which buyer groups were influenced to make a purchase as a result of seeing the ad.

The results of this cross-channel NCS Meta-Study showed TikTok was effective at winning new buyers and driving more sales than TV. The ads delivered to non-brand buyers on TikTok saw 3.4X higher return on ad spend (ROAS) than TV ads. In addition, ads delivered to new category buyers were even more effective in this instance, resulting in 4.3X the ROAS.

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About NCS
NCSolutions (NCS) makes advertising work better. Our unrivaled data resources powered by leading providers combine with scientific rigor and leading-edge technology to empower the CPG ecosystem to create and deliver more effective advertising. With NCS's proven approach, brands are achieving continuous optimization everywhere ads appear, through purchase-based audience targeting and sales measurement solutions that have impacted over $25 billion in media spend for our customers. NCS has offices in NYC, Chicago, Tampa, and Cincinnati. Visit us at to learn more.


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